[Social Dance] Do You Need a Partner to Learn Ballroom Dancing?

Ballroom and Latin dancing is really popular these days and all different kinds of people are discovering it themselves by taking dance classes or private lessons, and NO, you do not need a partner to learn!

While some students of ballroom dancing have a partner or spouse to dance with, many people do not have a partner or have a spouse who is not interested in dancing. One of the best parts of learning ballroom and Latin dancing is learning not only the steps, but how to lead or follow a partner!  With the skill to lead or follow someone else, you can dance with anyone!

A lot of people choose ballroom dancing as their hobby, even if they have a spouse who does not dance. If you are married,  your spouse probably has hobbies that you may not participate in, but you still support them. They will also support you if you choose ballroom dancing as a hobby.

So get in touch with us and give ballroom and Latin dancing a try! You’ll be happy you did.

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