Social Dance Testimonials

“Siti Dance Studio has re-awaken my childhood love for dancing! Through their charm, Evgeny and Inna create an absolutely wonderful atmosphere for learning, dancing and having fun. Whatever your dancing goal is – be it competing, attending social dance parties, reconnecting with your significant other through dancing or just feeling comfortable on the dance floor – it can be found here. The teachers are full of knowledge, enthusiasm and sense of humor. I love the positive energy and always look forward to my weekly classes!” 

Ekaterina Beregovaia

“Siti Dance Studio with Evgeny and Inna breathed new life into my dancing.  I had no idea what true Ballroom and Latin technique was until I met them.  Evgeny, as my private coach, raised my level of dancing so that I was able to compete successfully at the Pro/Am level.  He has the ability to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses accurately and to encourage me in just the right way to improve.  Inna drew out of me the extra edge on styling that allows me to interpret a dance for the most effective feeling and performance.  Whether you want to dance for pure enjoyment in a social setting or to pursue a competitive career, I highly recommend classes and coaching at Siti Dance Studio.”  


Linda Mitchell

“My dance hobby had turned the corner once I found Siti Dance Studio.  I had previously learned dance steps at other studios, but now I am truly learning how to dance through Evgeny and Inna.  Their mastery of the sport and their love and passion for dance has elevated my dancing to a whole new level.  Evgeny and Inna are very warm, welcoming individuals, but are also patient, energized, enthusiastic and creative teachers.  Their love of dance is infectious.  Their knowledge and expertise in dance is incomparable.  They encourage your individuality and creative expression throughout your lessons and performances.   All the instructors at Siti Dance are excellent teachers, and their enthusiasm for dance shows through their demonstrated teachings with students of all ages.   Whatever your dance goals may be, social, competitive or both, Evgeny and Inna are the best of the best!”

Cathy Fullam

“I believe Siti Dance Studio is an excellent place to learn Latin and Ballroom dancing, both for new and experienced dancers of all ages.  At Siti Dance Studio, your goals guide the instructors, whether you want to dance socially or competitively.  As an advanced dancer who loves to compete, I have found Evgeny and Inna to be the best instructors for me.  They are excellent teachers and I have improved tremendously by working with them.  They continue to work on my technique, enhancing my choreography and developing my styling and interpretation of each dance.  I have also seen Evgeny and Inna working with new students and they get these students dancing right away so they can start going to practice parties and having fun.  I heartily recommend Siti Dance Studio.”

Lynn MacKerell

I love absolutely everything about Siti. It starts with the owners Evgeny & Inna, who are masters of their craft and the best teachers I have ever encountered.

Kristin Crisci

No matter how my dance is going, when I walk into Siti Dance I am in my own happy world for the time I am there. I always leave looking forward to my next lesson or the next dance party. It’s much more than a dance studio, it’s more like a family. Siti Dance is extremely professional. I can’t believe how much I have learned in a few months.

Heather Pacan

“I moved to the Philadelphia area from Midwest where I started my interest in ballroom dancing and studied dancing for close to 5 yrs. Little did I realize that  finding a proficient dance instructor after my move was going to be a huge hurdle.   After about 3 instructors and minimal luck at finding the right coach, I had pretty much given up on my hobby.   However, lady luck was on my side and a well wisher handed me the phone number for Siti Dance Studio, where I was fortunate to find Evgeny and Inna as my dance instructors. I have been a student at Siti Dance for close to 2 years now and I must admit that I am extremely fortunate and grateful at being able to pursue my hobby with such renowned and accomplished masters of the art.

Evgeny and Inna are both excellent instructors and bring a lot of experience to the sport. Not only are they patient with the students, but they are also able to offer dancing experience based on individual goals.  For those die-hards interested in competitive dancing, great attention is paid to technique and style and it is not just about learning new steps.  For those interested in social dancing and ways to relieve stress, this is a great place to be.  The workshops and dance parties also give ample opportunity to practice with peers of various skill sets. 

For me, dancing has been a great way to relax and a fun filled way stay fit after a crazy hectic schedule, and above all, to be able to learn from the best of the best instructros makes it even more worthwhile.” 

Parul Mistry