Evgeny Dyachenko & Inna Ivanenko


Winners of the Atlanta Open, Virginia State, San Francisco Open, Wisconsin State and Maryland Dancesport Championships.
Ranked 4th in the 2006 and 2007 US National & World Professional American Rhythm Championships.
Ranked 2nd in the 2006 World Professional American Rhythm Show Dance showcased on “America’s Ballroom Challenge” on PBS

Professional Rhythm

2007 United States Championships!

Report by Gary McDonald

4th Place – Evgeny Dyachenko & Inna Ivanenko PA. This result must have been somewhat of a disappointment for this couple who have just returned back to the competitive floor after a brief road tour with “Dancing With The Stars”. They create a lot of excitement and passion in their performance by being completely focused on each other and having 100 percent belief in what they are doing. They both pour everything they have into their performance and never look like they are saving energy for another time.

Autumn Dance Classic


Report by Paul Beeton

Gene Jennings always tries something different and this year it was no exception as he gave us US rhythm dancers, Evgeny Dyachenko & Inna Ivanenko who entertained us with their very cool but so satisfyingly musical performance. I personally enjoyed their cool, casual, yet professional production it came over so easily and so pleasingly to the eye. They presented cha cha, rumba, swing, bolero and mambo excellently with Evgeny showing his versatile skills during Inna’s changes of costume. His body isolations in mambo were really something to behold! They are a very promising addition to this style of dance.

Professional Rhythm

San Francisco Open 2007

Report by Nicole Carroll

2nd place went to Evgeny and Inna. Tonight was a good night for them. Inna our former U.S. Champion lady showed herself confidently as always. With her exotic movements she creates very artistic arms and a slinky sexy body action that catches your eye. Evgeny was fun, energetic and incredibly rhythmical as usual. It appears they truly dance for themselves. There partnership creates a carefree attitude by playing off each others movements and style. It is refreshing and Fun to watch.

Operation Come Back!

The Emerald Ball 2006

Report by Didio Barrera

Evgeny Dyachenko & Inna Ivanenko, who placed third here, could have easily taken a few place first marks off Tony & Elena. Looking at the marks they certainly did. Throughout this final my attention often focused on Inna & Evgeny who looked fresh and totally energized. I have never seen Inna dance this well before, this partner seems to suit her perfectly and he himself is perhaps the most talented male dancer in this final. I have only seen this partnership once since their debut at the Heritage, with every outing they keep getting better and better.

Like The Rock!

San Francisco Open 2006

Report by Didio Barrera

The winners of The San Francisco Open Rhythm competition was Evgeny Dyachenko & Inna Ivanenko a fairly new partnership who just stepped out on to the floor at the Heritage Classic. They have made a remarkable improvement and are now looking as if they might challenge for top placement in this category. In discussing this couple with other people we all came to the agreement that Evgeny is perhaps one of the most talented men we have seen in this field lately and that Inna definitely looks more at home with this partner than with former partner Tony Dovolani and could once again be challenging for the US title. (Inna is the current U.S. Rhythm Champion)