Learn the Jive!

The Jive is just one of the exciting dances that your child will master in one of our Beginner Classes at Siti Dance Studio! It is one of the kids’ favorite dances for its fast paced energetic movement, that is sure to get everyone smiling and enjoying the lesson!

Beginner I Class (4-6 years old)-Tuesdays @ 6:00pm and Saturdays @ 10:30am. Beginner II Class (7-9 years old)- Tuesdays @ 6:45pm and Saturdays @ 10:30am. Beginner III Class (10+ years old)- Wednesdays @ 6:00pm and Saturdays @ 11:15am.

Beginner Class Registration is happening NOW! Space in the class is limited!

Contact Us: 215-947-7484 | contact@sitidance.com  

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