Adult Dance Competitions

Take your dancing to the next level. Challenge yourself, learn advanced techniques, improve your performance, and show off your individual style and personality on the dance floor. Competitive dancing enables you to polish and glamorize your dance skills. Travel to many exciting destinations and compete against other amateur competitors from across North America. The increased self-confidence and sense of achievement gained through competing are invaluable.

Pro-Am Category

Pro-Am competition is a category in DanceSport where amateur students partner with a professional dancer, similar to what you see on “Dancing With The Stars.” In these events only the amateur is judged, leaving the professional free to concentrate on helping you look and dance your best! There are several age classifications and level divisions available to ensure you compete against other dancers of similar skill. Every dance style is available, so you can choose the dances you want to compete in.

Amateur Couple Category

Amateur Couple competition is a category in DanceSport where both partners are amateur students. In these events both partners are judged as a couple having the opportunity to compete in all styles of ballroom dance: American Smooth, American Rhythm, International Standard, International Latin. Each of these styles is further broken up into events based upon a combination of skill level and age of the partnership.

Join our Competitive Team and Enjoy all of the Benefits of Competitive Ballroom Dancing

Sense of Accomplishment

The biggest advantage is that it creates a goal for you. Students who participate in competitions tend to learn faster and dance with more technique and style than students who only focus on the social aspects of dancing. With each competition your self-confidence and coordination Read More

will naturally improve. All the time, you are getting a great workout.

Make Long-Lasting Memories

Teachers and students of Siti Dance travel to exciting destinations across North America and Internationally. All of the competitions are held in the beautiful venues filled with elegance and glamour. It is an honor and great experience to dance in front of the former professional National Read More

and World champions. Get entertained and inspired by watching professional couples compete at the highest level of ballroom dancing. Join the after party at the end of the competition and socialize with all of the dancers and judges, and some of the celebrities from TV dance shows. This are the moments to remember.

Meet New People

Competitive dancing is a great way to meet people and develop camaraderie. An amateur dance competition allows you to meet the community of people who share the same “Love of Dance” as you. Lifelong relationships might develop from your dancing.


Pro/Am competition is a wonderful platform for amateur dancers to participate in ballroom dance competitions. Siti Dance Studio is a perfect place for dancers to receive high level training for such competitions.

Madeleine Chung

Competing has brought so much value to my experience as a dancer. I love to perform, and competitions serve as a great venue for showing others how hard I’ve worked in the studio.

Donna Sparano

Ballroom dancing is one of the most thrilling activities you can take part in, but beyond social dancing is the exhilarating world of competitive dancing where you will put your skills to the test.

Nicole Quisito

The competitive ballroom world is full of thrills – the music, dresses and lights of the grand ballroom are almost surreal. What is real is the sense of accomplishment to achieve a goal among so many talented dancers out there.

Karen Sauter

I enjoy this process of learning and growing tremendously. To be able to compete with Evgeny on the dance floor is a life time opportunity, exciting and rewarding.

Madeleine Chung

With every judge’s score, I am able to really gauge my improvement against my greatest competitor: myself. I have met so many amazing friends in the competition circuit.

Donna Sparanno

Participating in a competition is an exciting adventure. It’s a culmination of hard work, some nerves, lots of sweat, and a ton of dedication.

Vita Vygovska

I feel I learn the most through the process of getting ready for the competitions.  Starting from learning choreography and techniques to improving musicality, styling and performance skills.

Madeleine Chung

Competing gives you the opportunity to dress up, show off, and push yourself to the next level. You will experience a new emotion- the thrill of having pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone, and the triumph of winning– if you represent Siti Dance Studio.

Nicole Quisito

At the end of a competition weekend, I am reminded that the most important part of dancing is having fun and enjoying the experience.

Donna Sparanno

Dancing in general is a lot of fun, but it’s a whole different experience when you practice with a specific goal in mind and can see how you stack up against competition.

Vita Vygovska