[Social Dance] Social Practice Dance Party is TONIGHT!

We are excited to see everyone come out for a night of dancing…

[Team Siti Dance] Congratulations Ohio Competitiors! 

This weekend, Tymur and Daniela, Max and Irene, Patricia, Michelle…

[Social Dance] Social Party is Tomorrow!

Do not miss the first Practice Social Dance Party in November!…

[Social Dance] We Welcome New Instructor!

We are excited to add Kristina to our Siti Dance Team! Kristina…

[Social Dance] Let's Rumba Together. 

Spend the night learning and improving your Rumba. Meet Kristina…

[Social Dance] Introductory Special.

Step into a world filled with magical tunes and elegant moves.…
Cathy Social Dance Showcase

[Social Dance] Don't Miss November Classes!

With November beginning in less than a week it's time to mark…
Wedding Dance

[Wedding Dance] Make Your Dreams Come True!

At Siti Dance, we turn your dreams into a reality. Come in with…
Tatiana Showcase

Begin Your Week with a Smile!

There is absolutely no better way than to start off your week…

[Wedding Dance] Make Your Wedding Dance Perfect.

Creating a perfect memory could never been easier! Siti Dance…