Junior Program

[Team Siti Dance] Great Results! 

Emilie, Daniela, Anastasiya and Hailey walked on the dancefloor…

[Team Siti Dance] Nyemchek's Results!

Max and Irene and Raphael and Jamie showcased they're unique…

[Team Siti Dance] Congratulations Dancers!

Abigail, Tina, Yi Ming and Sam showed spectacular dancing at…

[Kids Ballroom] First success!

The day has just begun but our dancers already started proving…

[Kids Ballroom] Good Luck Competitors!

Tomorrow is one of the biggest events of the dance season - Nyemchek…

[Kids Ballroom] Amazing Performance by David and Sophia!

Past weekend David and Sophia showed off their dancing skills…

Maxim Kozhevnikov at Siti Dance!

Thank you Maxim Kozhevnikov for visiting our studio! Your extraordinary…
Yi Ming and Evan Winter Showcase

[Kids Ballroom] Last Chance to Register!

We extended the registration, just for you! Don't miss the chance…
Andrew and Julia, Kirill and Katya Paragon Open

[Kids Ballroom] Winning Streak!

Congratulations to Andrew and Julia and Kirill and Katya for…
Matthew and Katrina, Ivan and Leysan Paragon Open

[Kids Ballroom] Amazing Dancing!

Beautiful technique and unique personality were all showed off…

[Kids Ballroom] Fantastic Results!

Once again, Oleksiy and Klaudia and Vlad and Hanna proved themselves…

[Kids Ballroom] First Results Are In!

Fabulous dancing has begun! Patricia is taking home 4 second…