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Adult social dancing can be a great way to enjoy the company of others. Most special events will have some dancing, so it pays to get a couple of dance lessons to make you look good. Ballroom dance lessons pay many dividends over a lifetime. Dance is the expression of your soul. In African cultures, each tribe has its own dance.
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The Latin dance demonstrates the fire, passion and energy of the culture. The Ballroom dance shows sophistication and organized movements.

When you dance, you become closer to your partner. You share movements and work as one entity. Positive human contact is essential for a positive healthy life.

With social dance you can get a mild aerobic workout. Many senior citizens prefer adult social dancing to keep them alert, aware and active. Dancing can increase your body metabolism. It can also help with weight loss.

Are you shy at the weddings because you are not sure of the right steps? Why feel alone when you could take some adult dance classes? You will learn the proper step patterns, expressions and hand positions at a premier social dance studio.

The Siti Dance Studio has Latin and Ballroom dancing taught by highly certified instructors. In fact, your teachers are world-renowned ballroom dance champions. Learn social dances from the best.

There is no need for social dance to be scary. With good ballroom dancing classes, you can feel more comfortable out on the dance floor. You know that the next wedding will have a dance opportunity. Ensure that you will be well prepared.

You will find a friendly environment at the premier Siti Dance Studio allowing you to slowly learn the best moves. You will be encouraged and assisted to reach your full adult social dancing potential. When you need dance classes, remember Siti.

The first wedding dance is one of the most celebratory moments in life for bride and groom alike. Unfortunately, many couples unused to ballroom dancing find their wedding dances stressful, detracting from the experience. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way: with dance lessons from Siti Dance Studios, couples can feel safe and
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confident as they spend their wedding’s first dance together. Because lessons are completely private aside from trained, patient dance instructors, there’s no need for embarrassment if you’ve never taken a dance lesson before. Learn all the basics, from foot placement to specialized techniques for wedding dancing.

Wedding Dance Choreography
Siti Dance Studios can also help with your wedding dance choreography, by helping choose songs and talent that will establish forever your wedding dance in memory. Our talented directors and choreographers have helped hundreds of couples plan their perfect wedding, and can even provide wedding dance lessons specially tailored for the songs that you’ve chosen. Plus, we know how expensive it is to plan a wedding: that’s why our lessons and choreography are available at rates suited for any couple’s budget.

Dance Lessons As Gifts
Dance lessons from Siti Dance Studios also make a great gift from soon-to-be in-laws. Couples love the surprise of finding out that they don’t have to worry about the wedding dance or choreography, and consistently report immense happiness with our programs. We also offer lessons geared towards father daughter wedding dances, to bid your little girl adieu in style.

Make Memories
Here at Siti Dance Studios, we sell more than just dance lessons: we are selling a beautiful experience, and the chance to make memories with your new spouse that will last a lifetime. Everyone wants a happy marriage: why ask any less of your wedding dance? Contact Siti Dance Studio today, and enjoy your perfect wedding.

With so much technology available, kids today don’t always get the physical activity or social interaction they need to develop into confident adults. Fortunately, Siti Dance Studio offers a wide range of classes specifically designed to show kids dance moves that provide a variety of benefits. Whether you want to show your kid dancing
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techniques for a career in entertainment or just need an outlet for excess energy, here are three great reasons to invest in dance classes for kids.

Build Character Through Rhythm
An understanding of rhythm can help improve coordination, boost math scores and enhance concentration. Kids who study dance are much more likely to perform well on certain tests because they can focus more clearly on the subject and questions. From kids’ ballroom dancing to contemporary Latin dance, rhythm helps kids develop better coordination through appropriate techniques, and these techniques evolve over time to include improved coordination in a variety of areas.

Transform Kids Into Social Butterflies
Some kids struggle to make friends, but dance classes for kids can help your child overcome natural shyness and develop better interpersonal skills. Starting children dance classes early will help kids feel more comfortable with their dance partners, and they will transfer this comfort into other social areas. Ballroom dancing in particular requires a closer connection, and those with this skill set will enjoy a lifetime of intimate relationships.

Strengthen The Muscles And Mind
One of the most obvious and beneficial side effects of junior dance lessons is improved physical fitness. Kids who take up dancing will develop stronger muscles, see better agility and develop greater flexibility than kids who pursue other physical activities due to the nature of dance movements. Giving your kids dance classes will also help sharpen their mind as they explore their imagination through music.

If dance lessons sound like the perfect way to get your kids moving in more ways than one, then let us help. At Siti Dance Studio, we teach kids dancing techniques while helping them learn the values behind the music. Our children dance classes are designed to give your kids the confidence they need to pursue a wide range of extracurricular activities as they age. From ballroom dancing to interpretive exercises, we love showing kids the power of music and rhythm as it relates to real-world application. Contact us today to find out more about our complete range of kids dance classes.

Welcome to an Award winning dance studio for Ballroom & Latin dance lessons, classes and parties.

Dancing is as easy as walking once you are taught by a Siti Dance expert. There is no age limit and you do not need to bring a partner.

About Us

Worried about your two left feet? Don’t let concern about bad form or lack of experience get in the way of enjoying dancing. At Siti Dance Studio, we believe that with personalized instruction from our teachers in a relaxed, fun setting, you’ll be on your feet and dancing in no time. Whether you’re interested in crafting a special couple’s dance for a wedding, learning to salsa, or just want to get active and meet new friends, there are plenty of classes to choose from. Just pick one and lace up your dancing shoes!

In our studio, we teach a variety of specific dances so you’ll get a range of experience and practice, offered in both private and group sessions. From the invigorating rumba to the elegant waltz, the retro jitterbug, or an energetic cha cha, our dance classes get you moving to whatever beat you’re interested in. We also offer specialty dance classes for the hustle, Argentine tango, or samba. Explore our full range of dance classes, or contact us to inquire about a specific style.


    Our beautiful facility is not only the largest in the Philadelphia area, but is one of the biggest studios in the country. Four large ballrooms were carefully designed to facilitate the most productive learning experience for students of all ages.


    Highly trained and experienced teachers will help you to achieve your goals.


    We create each program based on your individual needs, schedule and budget.


    It’s much more than a dance studio, it’s more like a family.

Recent News


“Siti Dance Studio with Evgeny and Inna breathed new life into my dancing. I had no idea what true
Ballroom and Latin technique was until I met them.

Linda Mitchell
Linda Mitchell

I love absolutely everything about Siti. It starts with the owners Evgeny & Inna, who are masters of their craft and the best teachers I have ever encountered.

Kristin Crisci
Kristin Crisci

It’s much more than a dance studio, it’s more like a family. Siti Dance is extremely professional. I can’t believe how much I have learned in a few months.

Heather Pacan
Heather Pacan

My dance hobby had turned the corner once I found Siti Dance Studio. I had previously learned dance steps at other studios, but now I am truly learning how to dance.

Cathy Fullam
Cathy Fullam

For me, dancing has been a great way to relax and a fun filled way stay fit after a crazy hectic
schedule, and above all, to be able to learn from the best of the best instructors makes it even more

Parul Mistry
Parul Mistry

Siti Dance Studio has re-awaken my childhood love for dancing! Through their charm, Evgeny and Inna create an absolutely wonderful atmosphere for learning, dancing and having fun.

Ekaterina Beregovaia
Ekaterina Beregovaia

Whether you want to dance for pure enjoyment in a social setting or to pursue a competitive career, I highly recommend classes and coaching at Siti Dance Studio.

Linda Mitchell
Linda Mitchell

All the instructors at Siti Dance are excellent teachers, and their enthusiasm for dance shows through their demonstrated teachings with students of all ages.

Cathy Fullam
Cathy Fullam

Whatever your dancing goal is – be it competing, attending social dance parties, reconnecting with your significant other through dancing or just feeling comfortable on the dance floor – it can be found here.

Ekaterina Beregovaia
Ekaterina Beregovaia

No matter how my dance is going, when I walk into Siti Dance I am in my own happy world for the time I am there. I always leave looking forward to my next lesson or the next dance party.

Heather Pacan
Heather Pacan

My daughter loves Siti Dance. She has grown as a dancer so much since she has been going there. We
started when it was first opened and have had a really great experience.

Irina Kozarez
Irina Kozarez
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This award-winning, state-of-the art facility offers ballroom dance lessons for juniors (Junior Dance Lessons), adults (Social Dance Lessons) and couples (Wedding Dance Lessons) in the largest ballroom dance studio in the Philadelphia area.
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