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Welcome to the World Class Dance Studio offering the Finest Ballroom Dance Instructions in Philadelphia Area.

Siti Dance Studio is a warm, welcoming environment where dancers of all levels will feel comfortable and at ease! Our beautiful, state-of-the art facility is not only the largest in the Philadelphia area, but is one of the biggest studios in the country.


Adult Social Dancing
Learn a wide variety of steps in all the popular dances while enhancing your step patterns, appearance, partnership and expression. In a short period of time the social dancer gains the fun, poise and confidence that enables them to dance with a variety of partners. Above all, ballroom instruction is a rewarding experience helping you to stimulate relaxation, to get a mild aerobic workout and improve your health, relieve stress and gain a new circle of friends. Ballroom dancing is a creative outlet for a well-rounded, healthy and happy life!
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Adult Pro-Am Competitive Dance
Take your dancing to the next level. Challenge yourself, learn advanced techniques, improve your performance, and show off your individual style and personality on the dance floor. Competitive dancing enables you to polish and glamorize your dance skills. Travel to many exciting destinations and compete against other amateur competitors from across North America. The increased self-confidence and sense of achievement gained through competing are invaluable.
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Wedding Dance Choreography
We know how important your wedding day is and want to help you make it very special. Siti Dance Studio offers a wedding dance program that consists of a series of private lessons that are tailored specifically to your wedding song. You may choose to learn just a few basic steps or to have our instructors choreograph the whole dance for you. Your friends and family will be amazed by your elegance, style, and grace when you first dance for them as husband and wife.
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Kids Ballroom Dancing
As with all languages, there is no better time than childhood to learn the languages of dance and music. It is important that children have a basis in the social, physical, and musical elements of dance during their formative years. Your child will thank you for the rest of his or her life. With our special junior classes, you can give your child a head start in fitness, coordination, creativity, sportsmanship, and self- confidence that will benefit them throughout their lives.
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"Siti Dance is a great studio for adults and children who want to learn ballroom and Latin dancing.  The studio offers both private lessons and group classes taught by excellent instructors who really care about meeting their students' needs and watching them develop into good dancers, either for their social pleasure, for a special event or for serious competition.  I have learned so much from my own instructor and really enjoy dancing at Siti Dance."

Lynn MacKerell, Siti Dance Student of 5 years. Read more testimonials.