[Kids Ballroom] Transformation Tuesday.

One of the perks of being a teacher is watching your students…

[Kids Ballroom] What an Amazing Workshop!

Thank you Polina Pilipenchuk for visiting our studio today! Your…
Polina Workshop

[Kids Ballroom] Train Your Way to the Top!

Not only Siti Dance Studio employs the best instructors in the…
Anna Buzhora Performance Team

[Kids Ballroom] Performance Team.

Creativity, self-expression, confidence and flexibility are all…
kids Halloween party - siti dance studio

[Kids Ballroom] Halloween Party!

Save the date for our Annual Kids Halloween Party! Join us for…
Group Class Kids

[Kids Ballroom] Semi-Private Lessons

Help your kids expand their potential and achieve their dreams.…
Matryoshka Festival

[Kids Ballroom] What a Fabulous Performance!

There is no better way to celebrate National Ballroom Dance Week…
Kids Show

[Kids Ballroom] It's Never Too Late!

Don't miss out on an incredible opportunity to join our Siti…
Kids Competitions

[Kids Ballroom] Deadlines are Approaching.

With the new season beginning  set goals and reach the top!…
Talent Show

[Kids Ballroom] Congratulations to Our Performers!

This Sunday Siti Dance students have showed off their moves…