[Social Dance] Many Retired Couples are Now Learning to Dance! Try Our New Student Special.

Ballroom dancing makes us happy and can do the same for you. Now that you are retired and have more time to relax, take the time to learn to dance together. You will meet new friends and gain an avenue to express yourselves. You will be prepared for dancing in many social situations and have FUN!

If you want to try ballroom dancing, but never took the first step, our instructors will get you started with a fun private lesson. Whether you want to learn a sexy Rumba or a classical Waltz, don’t miss the opportunity to try our NEW Student Special  – one private lesson & consultation for only $29.00. Call now to set up your appointment and start learning to dance!

215-947-7484 | sitidance.com

Gift certificates are available.

Couple Rhythm

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