Oleksandra Vereshchak

Oleksandra was born in Lviv, Ukraine in a family of dancers. Since her grandmother is a professional ballet master and choreographer all kids in this family were supposed to dance. The first time Oleksandra stepped on the stage at three and a half years old as a part of the “Prominchik” kids dancing school. After Oleksandra’s family moved to Uzhgorod she became a part of exemplary children’s dance company “Dzhereltsya Karpat.” At the age of eleven Oleksandra moved again to the United States. After a short break she returned back to dancing at Siti Dance Studio. Hard work and diligent practice made her realize that ballroom dancing is the love of her life. At Siti Dance she was able to improve herself and become a successful dancer.  From the very first class Oleksandra knew that she wanted to be a dance teacher. Seeing her students learning new steps and getting better is the best award for her. Oleksandra believes that people can be truly happy when they do what they love and Siti Dance is the best place to achieve her goals.