Nyemchek’s Junior All Star Championships 2013

Congratulations to all of our Competitors! Our students earned an unbelievable 77 first places! Our students also recieved Top Couple and Top Open Singles Trophies and Scholarships. The winners of these prestigious awards were David Grinberg & Daniela Dargis for the Newcomer Level, Evan Sleppy & Abigail Prazak for the Bronze Level, Victor Makovsky & Shelly Umansky for the Gold Level, and Raphael Matlis & Jamie Dorotov for the Pre Champ and Champ Levels. Our Top Open Singles Trophy and Scholarship winner was Daniela Dargis for the Pre Bronze Level.  With the help of our amazing students, Siti Dance Studio also won a 3RD Place Top Studio Award and Igor Zabrodin won a 1ST Place the Top Teacher Award!  Read More…


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