[Team Siti Dance] AMERICAN SMOOTH CHAMPIONS @ Paragon Open.

Very successful day for Kristin & Evgeny winning the Silver…

[Kids Ballroom] First Results Are In!

Fabulous dancing has begun! Patricia is taking home 4 second…

[Kids Ballroom] Paragon Cheer Section. 

We are wishing the best of luck to everyone at Paragon Open!…
Wedding Dance

[Wedding Dance] Countless Options Just for You!

We offer a wide variety of options to make your wedding absolutely…

[Social Dance] Introductory Special.

Step into a world filled with magical tunes and elegant moves.…
Winter Showcase Beginner Class

[Kids Ballroom] Registration for Junior Winter Showcase Ends October 31st!

Don't miss the deadline to register for Junior Winter Showcase! We…
Cathy Social Dance Showcase

[Social Dance] Don't Miss November Classes!

With November beginning in less than a week it's time to mark…

SATTVA YOGA at Siti Dance Studio.

We are very pleased to announce that Siti Dance Studio will be…

[Kids Ballroom] Transformation Tuesday.

One of the perks of being a teacher is watching your students…
Kristin Social Dance

[Social Dance] What Makes a Perfect Dance?

The list could go on and on... But it all begins with the steps!…